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  • Jesus Christ – Part 4

    (Click here to search for all the posts in this series…) Next, the feet were fixed to the cross, either by nails or ropes. Ossuary findings and the Shroud of Turin suggest that nailing was the preferred Roman practice.23, 24, 30 Although the feet could be fixed to the sides of the stipes or to a wooden footrest (suppedaneum), they usually were nailed directly to the front of the stipes (Fig 5).11 To accomplish this, flexion of the knees may have been quite prominent, and the bent legs may have been rotated laterally (Fig 6) 23 -25, 30 Fig 5.Nailing of feet. Left, Position of feet atop one another and against stipes. Upper right, Location of nail in second intermetatarsal space. Lower right, Cross section […]

  • A Reader Asks: My daughter confessed to her boyfriend something that happened two years ago. He has tortured her for …

    Question:My daughter confessed to her boyfriend something that happened two years ago. He has tortured her for a week with hateful emails and telling her she gets what she deserves and their relationship has been a lie. He said she needs to own up to it even though she has begged his forgiveness. He is dragging her on by saying that he has to think about it and for her to return a promise ring he gave her. The confession was a kiss….nothing else. What can she say to him to make him forgive her and move on? Answer:Well, I hope by “move on” you mean for him to move on out of her life, at least for now. I don’t know the ages involved, […]

  • Question: How Involved Should We Be In Political, Civic and Social Efforts?

    Question from a reader: I don’t know where to draw the line between fighting the fight for our Constitution, getting involved in politics, being a dutiful patriot and being a spirit-led Christian seeking His Kingdom and His Righteousness first. Often, I find myself wanting to learn and study the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, as well as, retaining a desire to read current political books in an effort to educate myself on the country’s issues at-hand especially concerning health care reform. I don’t know as a Christian where to draw the line.  I’m wondering if I should only pray about things and not become so involved with trying to “fight the good fight” against those I think are hurting our country. Do you have any […]

  • Knowing the Will of God -Questions – Part 8

    (Click here to search for all the posts in this series…) 1 John 2:17 – And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever. (NKJV)I wanted to wrap up the series on “Knowing the Will of God” by giving you a full summary of the series, along with a couple of closing questions. When trying to determine God’s will: First off, does God’s Word contain a plain and direct answer to your question or circumstance? You have to diligently and regularly search God’s Word and do the hard work of finding out God’s revealed, written Word (2Tim 2.15; Acts 17.11) If you find a direct and clear answer, then it simply boils down […]

  • 1 Thessalonians

    I. Summary Written by the Apostle Paul to the church in Thessalonica, the letter offers encouragement and praise for their faithfulness, practical instructions for living righteously and presents the hope of Jesus’ return for us. Chapter 1 – Paul praises the Church for their good example in how they believed, turned from idols and lived in expectation of Jesus’ Return. He encourages them by telling them that he offers prayers “without ceasing” on their behalf. Chapter 2 – Paul explains the circumstances that brought the to Thessalonica and points out his treatment of them. He likens himself to a “mother hen”. He points out how he worked hard to support himself so that no man could accuse him of ministering for profit, even though he […]

  • Open Season Friday

    “Open Season” where we take all your questions. Here are the blogs, and which types of answers will go on that blog: Riggs Family Blog ( – our family, personal stuff Brent Riggs Blog ( – professional topics (graphics, web development, writing), family, marriage, mentoring, ethics, teens, parenting, etc. ( – Christian and Bible related MckLinky Blog ( – blogging, search engines, online business, blog improvement, blog graphic, blog photography, blog traffic, etc. I’m using the same entry form and list on all the blogs, so it doesn’t matter from which blog you enter the question. We try to answer as many as we can. If we didn’t get to a previous question, feel free to post it up again. I will spread out […]

  • Money: the Good, Bad & the Ugly – Part 3

    (Click here to search for all the posts in this series…) Luke 12:34 – For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 1 Timothy 6:6 Now godliness with contentment is great gain. (NKJV) In God’s original, perfect creation, the Lord had sole access to the heart of mankind. External to man were countless gifts and “things” for his enjoyment and use. But they were always external. Only the Lord God deserved man’s love, adoration and pursuit. Sin threw all that out of balance.The very “things” that God gave us as gifts, now threaten to become more important to us than the Giver.And to this day, man fights the daily, bloody war over who sits on the throne in his life: God… or […]


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