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  • Saying Whats On Your Mind

    Proverbs 12:16 A fool’s wrath is known at once, But a prudent man covers shame. (NKJV) Foolishness is lack of wisdom. Foolish behavior manifests itself in various forms and choices. “A fool’s wrath is known at once…” In other words, fools shoot off their mouth every time they feel like it, especially when mad, offended or insulted. This person will often be heard bragging how they “say what’s on their mind”, or “tell it like it is”.Why is it foolish to have a quick, sharp tongue? What is wrong? What is missing?It shows a lack of self control It demonstrates a person who has not learned temperance, and meekness It means this person hasn’t matured past the point of being constantly on guard of their […]

  • Teach Me

    NOTE: For a couple of years I’ve been writing a book of prayers… here’s a new one from today for however it might bless you. Brent Teach Me God & Father, Teach me to know that if Jesus Christ has satisfied all the requirements of your divine justice, He can easily rescue me from my sinfulness. Teach me that Jesus doesn’t want to see me living in my own strength and fragile self-confidence, But rather living fully justified and empowered by the Spirit to a life of victorious obedience. Teach me that the Spirit of God and His power are mine because of what Christ accomplished on my behalf; That the Spirit within me satisfies the Law without. Teach me to thank You for every […]

  • A Reader Asks: What verses in the Bible talks about “praying for the dead”?

    Question:What verses in the Bible talks about “praying for the dead”? Answer:There aren’t any.It is a Catholic practice supported only by one verse (2 Maccabees 12:44) found in the Aprocryha which Protestants do not recognize as canonical. The Catholic Encyclopedia states the following:“There is no clear and explicit warrant for prayers for the dead in the Scriptures recognized by Protestants as canonical.”The Catholic Encyclopedia is correct.“Praying for the dead” is wholly a Catholic practice “authorized” by their church tradition and council, not the Word of God. PS: WHAT ARE YOUR QUESTIONS FOR ME? Ask here. Want to book me for preaching, speaking or business consulting? Go here. If you are blessed by what I write, would you be so kind to share this post with […]

  • Who Killed Jesus

    Luke 23:24 Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” (NKJV) Who killed Jesus? You did. I did. The Romans. The Jews. Religion. Everyone. No one. Recently, I heard yet another silly human documentary on “who really killed Jesus?”. The usual suspects were paraded through talking about how the Gospels aren’t reliable and the Bible was written by fallible men with religious and political agendas. Yawn. Then came the “ don’t blame the Jews, it’s an anti-Semitic conspiracy” segment. You can’t say “the Jews” killed Jesus because that’s a political conspiracy and discrimination. Yawn. Since the movie came out, it’s a requirement to relate Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ to the “controversy”. The Pope is often quoted, who […]

  • A Reader Asks: My sister is in constant pain from a car accident she was in 12 years ago. The pain ranges between a …

    Question:My sister is in constant pain from a car accident she was in 12 years ago. The pain ranges between a 7-10 on a pain chart. Many times her pain is at “suicidal levels”. She was a Christin before this happened, but after about 7 years, she gave up her faith. I wasn’t around at that time and didn’t know what was going on (spiritually). I am with her now, and feel she wants to give God another chance, but she is angry and wants some answers. She feels God has abandoned her. How can I minister to her? Answer:Of course there is not “pat” answer to this question and after I present some of my own thoughts, I’m going to ask THE READERS of […]

  • The Pursuit of God – Part 9

    (Click here to search for all the posts in this series…) Ps. 57:5 Be Thou exalted, O God, above the heavens; let thy glory be above all the earth. It is a truism to say that order in nature depends upon right relationships; to achieve harmony each thing must be in its proper position relative to each other thing. In human life it is not otherwise. I have hinted before in these chapters that the cause of all our human miseries is a radical moral dislocation, an upset in our relation to God and to each other. For whatever else the Fall may have been, it was most certainly a sharp change in man’s relation to his Creator. He adopted toward God an altered attitude, […]

  • A Reader Asks: Our 27 year old son has pursued his ministry calling for 15 years. He got married and since a short …

    Question:Our 27 year old son has pursued his ministry calling for 15 years. He got married and since a short time after, he has not been the same son. A lot has happened but bottom line is, we feel he now says and does hurtful and disrespectful things to the rest of our family. We have not spoken with him in 6 months. He attends a Christian graduate school. I have sent presents and cards to try to mend the situation. Should we try to contact him or just keep praying that God will do His work in their lives. We are ready and willing to forgive their behavior. I want my family to be whole again. What’s your advice? Answer:Having ongoing family discord is […]


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