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SFQA400Hey folks,  I have an “ASK BRENT” page that has always been around and used a lot.  Someone emailed today and said “why didn’t you respond to my question?” I checked my email but had not received anything from them. I thought it was odd that hardly anyone was asking questions anymore when that has always been pretty routine.

Upon checking my blog, I realized that the emails are not being sent to me BUT the questions are being stored. All 291 of them that I just discovered! Oh, boy…   Forgive me if you asked a question and thought you got ignored.  I try to respond to every question sent if at all possible… keep them coming,

I love answering questions. In fact, the most popular book I’ve written is my Q/A book with about 400 question and answers. Click on the cover image to see the details…

Keep the questions coming and I’ll keep answering!

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