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Download the full report here.  Here’s the first ten:

  1. GET OUT OF DEBT. My most recent book and DVD are on this topic. Being out of debt is the number one thing that will help you relieve stress and do well when costs go up, and the belt gets tight. Check out my book here:
  2. Quit drinking expensive coffee. Do you really need to pay five dollars for a cup of coffee? The overwhelming majority of people cannot tell the difference between an expensive coffee and expensive name brand from coffee shops. The truth that no one wants to admit is that expensive coffee is a fad, and drinking it is just going along with the crowd.
  3. Shop around for auto insurance. The average person can save anywhere between 65 and $85 a month on their car insurance if they spend a little time researching different companies and different prices.
  4. Pay off your credit cards. The interest rates on credit cards will eat your budget alive. You are simply throwing money in the toilet when you buy on credit and hand over free cash to the credit card companies.
  5. Shop around for better cell phone plans and make sure you cancel features you are not using or that she can live without.
  6. If you’re paying any sort of bank fees, you shouldn’t. Take time to find a bank who offers free checking, free online banking and just about free everything when it comes to the bank services.
  7. Quit buying prepackaged food. Bite sized, prepackaged, and conveniently-portioned-already-prepared foods are many times more expensive than regular foods that you prepare yourself.
  8. When you enter a parking lot, park near the street and far away from the building. This not only saves gas from driving around the parking lot, it also gives you a little exercise which in turn, will cut down on your food and medical expenses.
  9. Befriend your neighbors and learn to borrow, and share items with each other. There is really no sense in every person having their own seldom used items or tools. Make a list of the items that you would like to have but are rarely used, and see if you can’t get a group of friends to divide up the list and each one buy a separate item and then share them.
  10. Stop drinking soda pop. It costs money when you buy, it costs money when you lose productivity because of it, and it costs money and increased health care when it makes you fat and sick. Result: soft drinks cost you LOTS of money.

Download the full report here.

Did I mention get out of debt?

The reason why I’ve repeated it several times is not to try to sell you my book, Life Without Debt, but because this is absolutely the number one golden goal of reducing your financial stress, saving money and becoming financially free. Being in debt robs us of life in many ways. Being free of debt is one of the greatest joys you’ll ever experience.
The list I have given you in this report is really just a means of becoming debt-free, thinking debt-free and living debt free.

On my financial blog,, you’ll find that I concentrate on for specific areas that will help you become debt free:

  • Increasing Income
  • Eliminating Debt
  • Reducing Expenses
  • Giving & Stewardship

Visit that site for lots more free information on personal finances and increasing income.

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I took the time to write this to help people. I’m offering it free in exchange for the benefit of people telling other people about it which brings new readers to my sites. You win, they win, I win. It’s a good deal for everyone.

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~ Brent Riggs