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Romans 3:23 – For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God… (NJKV)

O Living God,

I bless You..

That I can see both the good and the bad in my heart;
That I can weep over the sins that carry me away from You;
That in your great love and mercy You discipline me
so that I might return to You and have life.

My weakness causes me to look at my sin and become discouraged,
or look at what good I do and become proud.

I fall well short of Your glory every day

By wasting the precious time You have given me,
By fooling myself into thinking I’m better than I am;
When I do things that are not done for Your glory
and do not come as a result of following Your Word.

I sin by fearing what will never happen;
I forget to submit my life to You and trust You fully;
But then I am reminded by Your Living Word

That you have an unshakable purpose for my life;
And if I would only remember to meditate on that fact,
My sould would be still and my heart would be comforted.

I pray that You will continually remind me
that as a Christian I must be more concerned about sin than other people;
So that when they see how great Your hatred and anger is concerning sin,
I will be able to show them with both my life and words
That only Christ can satisfy Your just wrath against sin,
And perhaps they will mourn over their sin as well.

Help me to remember that though this sin cursed world
Is full of sorrows, suffering and hardship,
It is not all sadness, disappointment and troubles.

Remind me always that You never fail to care for our needs,
Give us bread to eat, water to drink,
Light by day, fire by night;
And access to You through prayer anytime we need it.

Lord, I am discouraged sometimes in my daily walk;
Even though I am dismayed at times, You keep me safe and loved.

Death sometimes scares me,
But I know that death will bring me face to face with Jesus
And bring me through that door which leads to our eternal home.

While I live, let my life be a glory to You,
When I die, may I die in peace with my eyes on You
And Your name on my lips.

In Jesus name, Amen.