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What about when Science disproves the Bible, or when scientific evidence forces us to reinterpret Scripture?


It depends on your foundational worldview. If you believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of the Creator of the Universe, then any “enlightenment” (science or otherwise) that is plainly contrary to the Bible must be assumed to be a mistake or a misperception that will eventually be proven as such, given enough time and evidence.

If you believe that the Bible is subject to “objective science” (which science very frequently is not objective), then what else is the Bible subordinate to? Philosophy? Opinion? Majority rule?

The Bible is either absolutely true, or not. It claims such perfection. Therefore a scientist either has to filter “discoveries” through the Bible (where applicable) or deny the Bible – but there is no option to re-interpret the Bible based on the latest science. Science has changed dramatically, frequently and consistently with time often revising or retracting “truths” which were at one time “proof” the Bible is wrong. The Bible does not change and stands firm against all skeptics for hundreds of years.

There does not exist, despite rabid efforts, ANY scientific evidence which disproves the Bible.

Now, where the Bible is silent on scientific matters, then liberty is granted in differing views. Where it is not silent, any discovery by man that is contrary must by default be incorrect no matter how sincere the discovery is.

The Bible has recorded for hundreds of years things that science has only recently discovered (water cycle, the earth is round, it hangs in space, rivers in the oceans, mountains in the ocean, the unknown nuclear force that holds together atoms, to name a few). Science has never disproven authoritatively and concretely any scientific subject that Scripture touches.

Again, many times the Bible has been announced by “science” to be inaccurate but eventually new discoveries have proven that the Bible was correct all along.

Science that stays within the realm of true science (repeatibility, observability, demonstrability) is good science. Science that does not have prebias or agenda against possibility of the supernatural, is good science. Science that elaborates, illuminates and enhances what the Bible declares to be true is good science.

Science that “proves” the Bible wrong, or forces you to “reinterpret” the plain statements of the Bible, will eventually be proven wrong. That is a fact. And in fact, it has already happened numerous times.

The choice is simple. When a man declares a “discovery” that contradicts plain Scripture we are left with a decision who to trust – the scientist or the Bible.

I will stake my eternity on the incredibly consistent, indisputably authenticated, and clearly supernaturally-inspired Word of God.

I will not stake my eternity on flawed men with religious prejudices whose “scientific proof” today has a very real and statistical chance of changing tomorrow.