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According to the Mormons that I know, they believe that there will be sex in heaven. What does the Bible say about this?


It seems to be a common thread with non-Christian religions to teach that sexual activity will be part of the next life, usually as some kind of reward.

Muslims believe that perpetual sensuality with virgins await the martyr who murders the “infidel” (typically innocent bystanders, not combatants) “in the name of Allah”.

Mormons teach that a whole planet, complete with eternal sexual delights await each enlightened faithful male. Most pagan religions teach eternal sexual pleasure as some type of reward.

Will there be sexual relations in the true Heaven as revealed in the supernaturally inspired Word of God? No.

First, the Bible does not say that there will be procreation. Given God’s completed plan for the redemption of humankind, there will be no further need for procreation.

Procreation was a mandate by God to Adam and Noah to create a population of people. This population will already exist in heaven at a fixed number.

Further more, the Bible is clear that we will not be married in heaven (Luke 20.35) (which doesn’t mean we won’t remember or cherish our earthly relationships; we will). Marriage is a picture of Christ’s relationship to His Bride, the Elect of God. The “picture” will no longer be necessary in heaven.

Since sexual relations are only permitted within the bonds of marriage, and marriage will not exist in heaven, it appears obvious that sexual relations won’t either.

We won’t desire sex like we do now because God’s plan will be fulfilled and our pleasures will be of a different sort… we will have new measure of pleasure beyond our wildest imaginations.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” (1Cor2:9).

Eternal sex is a pagan idea, used as bait to lure the masses into false religions. God has wonders and delights in store for us that will far surpass anything we have experienced on this earth.