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Can there be such a thing as a “Christian Lesbian”? One who loves God, and worships God, one that says that God has accepted her life choice, and she can’t help who she loves in the flesh?


Can there be such a thing as “Christian lesbian”?

In one sense, “yes” just as there are lazy Christians, gossipy Christians, gluttonous Christians, immoral Christians etc.

The Apostle Paul addressed the Corinthians as fellow believers even though some of them were entangled in some gross immorality and division.

So there can be a “Christian lesbian” just as much as there can be a “Christian [fill in the sin you struggle with]”. But hold on…

Can there be a “Christian lesbian” whose “life choices” are accepted by God? Absolutely not! “Life choices” are politically correct code words for the wilfull choice to SIN. It is the logical end result of saying that we are “born” genetically disposed to a certain behavior, thus not reponsible for it, or even worse, that it can NOT be wrong (since we are born that way).

God does not accept lesbianism any more than He accepts pedophilia, lying, gossiping or bad attitudes. You cannot be a “Christian lesbian” in the sense of “oh well, that’s just who I am, God understands…”

To say someone “can’t help” who they are “in the flesh” denies the power of the Holy Spirit and God to provide an escape for all tempation (1Cor 10:13), to transform a Believer into the image of Christ (Rom 12:2), and ignores the Christians duty to deny the flesh and repent (turn away) of sin (Gal 5:19; 1John 2:16).

These kinds of statements (“can’t help it”) are the end result of decades of weak Bible teaching, humanist self-worshipping ideas creeping into the Church, and a powerless Christian leadership who is increasing shackled (willingly and forcefully) when it comes to the truth.

No, God will not accept your lesbian life, clearly condemned in Scripture as sin (Rom. 1:24, 26, 27; 1 Cor. 6:9; 1 Tim. 1:9, 10), any more than He would accept someone saying they can’t help being a liar, a child molestor or a thief.

Confess your sin, repent… go, and sin no more. (John 8:11)