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(compiled from several questions) Are you making Christians look bad by being so dogmatic about evolution? You can find EXPERTS and books everywhere that point out evidence for evolution. Couldn’t God use evolution and still be Creator? What do you mean by “evolution” exactly?


When I say “evolution” I mean the commonly understood “goo to you” theory of how all life came from a primordial pool of biological soup and over eons of time, mixed with random chance “mutated” into all the diverse and intelligent kinds of life we have now.

Even as I write that I chuckle at the stupidity of the idea… I’m looking at Kleenex realizing that I would be considered an IDIOT to think that Kleenex evolved by chance, but we’re supposed to believe that all the infinitely complex, incredibly well designed life all around us… just “happened”.

THINK!….. if we are all just products of random biological processes and eons of times and chance… then how can the very THOUGHT of evolution (produced by these random, impersonal and purposeless processes) even be considered anything more than just random CHANCE thoughts?

The VERY FACT that you can develop the IDEA of evolution, proves that INTELLIGENCE is behind our creation because “random process” COULD NOT, in any intellectually honest person’s mind, create the ability to THINK, POSTULATE, CONCEPTUALIZE or THEORIZE.

Is there such thing as “evolution”? Sure, micro-evolution, which is one dog being bred into dozens of breeds of dogs. That occurs constantly. But a DOG never turns into a BIRD never turns into a SNAKE never turns into a FISH… That is MACRO-evolution.

I have been a serious student of creationism for over 10 years. I make my decidely unambiguous comments having diligently studied the evidence; full well knowing how many people I might offend (offending people is a daily occurrence for someone who writes publicly about controversial subjects). I am dogmatic and clear about evolution ON PURPOSE.

Evolution for MANY MANY reasons is UTTERLY incompatible with Christianity. The co-habitation of the two has caused great confusion in society and the Church, and has weakened the average Christian’s ability to defend the Bible.

So I do not compromise nor hold back about it. Evolution is THE greatest plague of the last 500 years and has done more to harm society than all other theories or ideas of man combined in that time frame.

Strong words, yes. But based on evidence, facts, history, experience, and study both of Creation Science and the Bible.

What is so puzzling to me, is the amount of INTELLIGENT people (saved or not) that give ANY ground to a theory (really, a religious faith) that is DEVOID of absolutely ANY, yes ANY, scientific evidence… though the world and the media treat is as a “proven scientific fact”. Evolutionists have been challenged for years, even offered large rewards for ONE SINGLE piece of irrefutable evolutionary evidence.

Theories aren’t evidence. Books aren’t evidence. Ideas aren’t evidence. Constantly cramming evolution down the entire world’s throat until it is accepted as “fact” is not evidence. The entire educational system bias is not evidence. Radio talk show hosts who belittle any one who believes in Creation are not evidence.

Lining up a hundred “experts” to talk circles around people with 12-dollar words and reams of paper is not evidence.

Evidence is evidence… and there isn’t any for evolution. There’s talk, there’s pressure, there’s intimidation, there’s smearing, there’s bullying….. but no evidence.

There’s drawings in books, movies, charts, graphs, statistics, hoaxes, manipulated results and tests and artifacts… but no evidence.

Please consider….

After 150 years of trying to PROVE evolution, do you not think that if ONE piece of empirical, undeniable, irrefutable and unquestioned evolutionary evidence existed, it would be put on a pedestal, enshrined, worship and trumpeted for all to see?

Of course it would. But it doesn’t exist. Why? Because evolution is a RELIGIOUS FAITH, nothing more. It is a religion that allows man to deny God which is why it is held on to so voraciously despite the utterly absurd and ridiculous nature of it.

And that is why it is incompatible with Biblical Christianity. And that is why I will not sugarcoat my answers or commentary concerning it.

The evidence for the authenticity of God’s Word is INSURMOUNTABLE. The evidence for evolution is NONEXISTENT.

This is a FACT for ANY person who examines the evidence with an open mind only seeking the truth.