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Could you list four Scriptural things I could do to be a good leader?


Well as a matter of fact, I can. I should probably do devotional series on this topic but we’ll start here for now. I could list a couple of dozen things off the top of my head, but I’ll stick to a quick four.

Lead by example – if you expect discipline, be disciplined; if you want loyalty, be loyal; if you want an extraordinary effort, give one. Pick any number of Bible characters to study who led by example: Joshua, Paul, Joseph….

Humility, humility, humility – remember who you are, remember where you came from, remember that you were just as lost and hopeless as anyone you are now leading; a Godly leader is never haughty, arrogant or conceited because they realize that all they have, all they are and all they ever will achieve is by the grace and blessing of God.

Be compassionate – one of the most obvious and displayed characteristics of Jesus was compassion. He saw through surface emotions, circumstances and weakness to hurting people who needed a Savior, love and understanding. The greatest Godly leaders learn to see deeply into problems, behaviors, choices and attitudes and discover the needs, hurts and motives that fuels those he leads.

Imitate Christ – above all, imitate Christ so that others who imitate you will be Christ-like (1Cor 11.1). It is the responsibility of every Godly leader to wield their influence in such a manner as to have those around them see their need for greater holiness and devotion. I believe God will hold leaders accountable for that.

This is a great question, and I’ll probably go ahead and do it as a series of devotional messages some time. In closing, I want to share a poem I wrote about leadership I wrote last year:

The Leader of Men

In the end, it is God
Who is the leader of men.
They take no step, He does not direct
Deciding who, and where, and when.

But darkened eyes and stopped up ears
Keep most too distant from the One;
So God in His love, equips a few,
To stand in the breech on behalf of the Son.

To know the Master and follow Him
So that others may see the way.
To keep the lost, the deceived, the weak
From the ruin of the broader gate.

Only one message from his mouth
“Imitate me, as I imitate Him”;
The single command, the only words,
The clarion call of a Leader of Men.

G Brent Riggs