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Dear Brent, I do volunteer work at the Jefferson County Jail for the Chaplain (filling inmates reqests, bible studies, sunday services etc). Can I use Your Teachings at the Jail for bible-studies?


I chose to answer this question because I’m asked this quite often.

All of my readers (or anyone for that matter) are welcome to use ANY of my materials, studies or audio downloads in any way the Lord leads them. You do not need to received specific permission beforehand.

You have permission to reprint, copy and distribute any of my material. You can use any of my material for your magazine, website or newsletter. You can use any of my materials for Bible studies, private study, sermons, missions, prison ministries, home studies, etc.

Besides the Daily Devotional, you can find other teaching material here:

You may NOT sell my material or profit from my material in any way unless 100% of those funds go directly and solely for the Lord’s work and does not become “income” in any way for any single individual. The exception to this rule is that profit from the sale of my teaching material can be used for the support of missionary families and their income needs.

When possible, I would appreciate a mention of the Daily Devotional, and the Serious Faith website. Here is suggested wording:

“Brent Riggs is the author of the Daily Devotional that is delivered via email each weekday to over 55,000 readers. Please visit his website at”.

Also, when possible, please send me a copy of any reprints or materials that contain my teaching material so that I can keep a physical archive. Send to:

Brent Riggs
9520 E 55th St
Tulsa, OK 74145