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Did it rain on the earth before Noah’s flood?

There’s no mention of rain occuring in the Bible before Noah’s flood; it says God watered the earth with the dew and underground springs.Of course, you have to first believe the Bible account of the Flood is actually true, and you must believe that the earth is relatively young (thousands of years) versus ancient (millions of years) because it is foolishness to believe that it did not rain for millions of years (for a lot of reasons).So starting with the premise that the Bible is actually true (what an amazing concept!), and it’s plain language means what it plainly says (another outrageous idea!), I think it can be safely assumed it didn’t rain before the great Flood.Gen 2:5=6 before any plant of the field was in the earth and before any herb of the field had grown. For the Lord God had not caused it to rain on the earth, and there was no man to till the ground; 6 but a mist went up from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground.This verse doesn’t specifically say that it would never rain, but gives makes it a point to say that God was keeping it from raining on purpose, and that He had other ways to water the earth.Before the flood, the weather cycle was much different. The supply of the earth’s water not held in bodies of water was held underground in the “fountains of the deep” (Gen 7:11). When Noah’s flood occurred, God allowed the earth to “rip” open (the scars are still visible on the ocean floors) and the trapped waters exploded high into the sky.Many Christians in science believe that the reference to “windows of heaven” refer to a water vapor canopy that God collapsed via rain onto the earth as well as the water from underground.This started the water cycles as we know it today: water on the ground evaporates and becomes clouds; clouds rain; rain runs back into the oceans where it starts over again (the hydrological cycle).While the Bible does not specifically say it did NOT rain before Noah, I think it’s pretty clear that it did not. Another good indication is that if it did not rain for 400 years while Noah built the Ark, it probably didn’t rain before that. Why? Because if the earth depended on rain, then 400 years of drought would have killed everything.One more… it seems that a rainbow was a new thing as well. Not specifically, but implied. If Noah had been looking at rainbows for 400 years, the Flood rainbow would not seem to be as significant as Scripture implies.The earth was warm and temperate ALL OVER before the Flood (as evidenced by tropical forests that are buried under the ice caps), and God watered the earth with dew (ground condensation as opposed to rain) and from underground springs. Based on that, I would side with those who think it never rained before the Great Deluge of Noah.You’ll NEVER hear any of this on TV or in schools (government, and even a lot of “Christian” schools). They deny the Bible and the Flood. So don’t bother looking to non-Christian or liberal education sources. All you hear about there is evolution and “millions of years” which are absolutely unBiblical and false, bordering on an absurd religious blind faith.