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Does the Bible say anything about UFOs? Do you believe in UFOs?


This would be a rather long answer if I tried to fully explain. I will give you the “bullet points” and let you research them.

  • Do I believe in UFO’s and “aliens”? Yes (but not the way the world does). Are they higher life forms from other planets that are coming (or coming back) to “save” us or solve our world’s problems. NO, NO, and let me emphasize, NO.
  • First, is there life on other planets that exist within our space-time dimension and have built spacecraft and traveled to earth? The Bible clearly indicates NO; the evidence says NO and physics says NO.

    The creation account in Genesis seems to include life only on earth. God never mentions other life on other planets. Christ died for ALL creation, so it would seem illogical that He died for someone on another planet.

    Did Christ die on every planet? How do they get saved? All creation is sin corrupted.

    The substances of life are finite so these being would have to be carbon-based life forms like us and it is easy to conclude that the chance of life evolving is a ridiculous ZERO; unless you, in blind faith, accept Evolution.

    So the fact that God didn’t plainly tell us of life on other planets in our universe that we would interact with, would weigh very heavy against it. He told us about angels and demons and the Trintity. Why not other life if it existed.

    All the accounts and evidence of UFO’s and aliens seem to suggest a supernatural or extradimensional origin. As well, the accounts consistently reveal that the behavior and activity of UFO’s and aliens are not possible within the our laws of physics.

  • People say: you mean to tell me that this WHOLE universe exists, just for man? Yep. And it makes our God that much more awesome and wonderful.
  • Then, what about UFO’s? In short, it appears to be a mixture of natural phenomena and very dangerous demonic deception which IS clearly revealed in the Bible. This deception may very well be linked to what will occur in the last days that will threaten to fool even “the very elect”. It would seem that this is certainly possible given the Bible’s clear description of demonic activity in the “days of Noah” which will make a return in the days preceding our Lord’s return.

And it makes perfect sense. UFO’s and “Life on other Planets” directs people away from God, putting their interest and hope them “saving” our planet. We tend to believe that “other” life would be dramatically more “evolved” than we are.

A cursory study of UFO and “alien” accounts show a consistent anti-Biblical message and characteristics of behavior that are not compatible with the physics of our universe. The accounts show all the signs of extradimensional capabilities that is totally consistent with what is revealed to us about demonic ability.

“Alien encounters” will no doubt increase as the modern world’s belief and acceptance of it increases. It will also serve to increase trivializing the Bible and the Gospel when we have “proof” from “advanced alien life” that the Bible is incorrect.

It’s amazing that “aliens” have traveled the universe to reveal themselves to us, and yet their message is not one that will solve crime, world hunger or disaster. It is a consistent message saturated with New Age religion, anti-Biblical proclamation and most of all, that Jesus Christ is NOT the only way to salvation.

What should that say to any professing Christian about so-called “alien” life from other planets?

  • God doesn’t tell us there is “other’ life; doesn’t tell us to look for it; doesn’t tell us to evangelize it; doesn’t tell us to interact with, seek advice from, or look for “rescuing” from “aliens”.

    As Christians, we have our clear purpose on earth: obey God and share the Gospel.

    John Ankerberg has a very informative little book on UFO’s you might want to get:

    Dr. Chuck Missler has written one of the better books on the subject as well.Click here for info about “Alien Encounters” by C. Missler

That is a very short answer to a very deep issue. I think that “UFO’s” will become more and more of a problem issue in the Church as we allow the metaphysical to continue its advance into our doctrine and practice, and a true Biblical worldview continues to decrease.

Readers, what do you think about UFO’s? Should make for some interesting messages…. Go here