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How can we protect our kids from the Internet? There are many good things about it we want them to benefit from but we also want to keep them from the filth too. Any suggestions?


I have been using and testing a piece of hardware for several months, and I think it is absolutely the BEST thing parents can use.

Now, in the interest of honesty, once I decided I loved this product, I signed up as a partner, and anyone who purchases one through the link I’ll give you, is also making a donation to SeriousFaith. Just want to be very transparent about those types of things.

Most parental control involves installing software on each computer that has to be configured, updated and used separately on each system.

The iBoss Home is a broadband wireless router unit that has the parental controls built into the interface. So it doesn’t matter if you have one computer or 50 access your home network, they are all protected. With a very simple and easy to use interface, it allows you to:

  • Easily Block Websites by Category
  • Block Chat, Gaming and more
  • Built-In Wireless-G Firewall Router
  • Schedule Internet Access Times
  • Easily Control When and Where Your Children Surf
  • Protect Your Children from Online Predators
  • Monitor Your Children’s Online Activity
  • Manage Time Spent Online
  • Prevent Viruses & Spyware
  • Share Your Internet with Multiple Computers (Wired & Wireless)
  • One Device Protects and Manages All Your Computers
  • Works with Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Absolutely No Software to Install
  • Built-in Firewall Protects Against Online Threats
  • Guard Your Children from Inappropriate Content

As my readers well know, I VERY VERY RARELY ever promote a product but this device works so well, and serves such GREAT spiritual purpose, that I would be negligent if I didn’t tell you about it.

Here’s a link to purchase that will result in a commission being paid to SeriousFaith:

If you feel that is not appropriate, here is a direct link to their site: