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How did Noah get a pair of T-rexes on the Ark? What did carnivores eat on the Ark?


Since the Bible doesn’t answer this question specifically, we can only theorize based on what the Bible does tell us, and what the various sciences have unearthed.

We know from various evidence, proofs and prophesy that the Bible is authentic and trustworthy. We also know from overwhelming geographical, archeological and paleontological evidence that a worldwide hydro-cataclysm occured in the recent Earth past.

Given that, we have no RATIONAL reason to doubt the Biblical account of Creation and the Flood. There are RELIGIOUS reasons to deny it, but not tangible reasons.

Based on Biblical integrity and authenticity, we can safely conclude that Dinosaurs were present on the ark with representatives of each “kind” present. So how could you get all those monstrous animals on one boat?

A few facts:

  • Given the dimensions of the ark, all the known families of animals could have easily fit on the ark with generous room to spare. It is estimated conservatively that only about 40% of the space of the ark would have been needed for the animals.
  • The average size of the dinosaurs was only that of a sheep. Only a comparitive few of the dinosaurs were the giants we see glamorized in modern movies.
  • There is no reason not to believe that a YOUNG pair of the giant dinosaurs would have been taken on the ark; in fact, it makes perfect sense.

What did carnivores eat? Well the question presupposes that there WERE carnivores, which may or may not have been true. It also presupposes that carnivores MUST eat flesh. There are plenty of examples of carnivores today that can live quite healthily on vegetation. In fact, I’m unaware of any land animal that cannot survive on a vegetation diet (let me know if you are aware of any…BR).

Still, with plenty of room to spare, there is no reason to believe that animals could not have been brought on board for food, or that quickly multiplying animals such as rabbits and mice did not provide some carnivorous snacks as well.

It’s all educated guesswork, admittedly, but the IMPORTANT POINT is… that everything the Bible says happened , was EASILY within the realm of physical possibility, and doesn’t even need a “miraculous” reason to believe even if it involves Dinosaurs.

The Ark story and dinosaurs are often cited as reasons to call the Bible a “fairy tale”. WRONG.