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I am believer and constuction constractor. I was recently asked by Husband (non believer) and wife (a believer) to build some apartment buildings for them. In exchange for doing this work they want the compensation to be in the form of an ownship interest in the apartments. I have prayed about this situation and have looked up scripture. I am struggling with what to do. Any thoughts would be of great help.


There are no prohibitions in Scripture against doing business with unbelievers. In fact, as we do conduct business with them, we should do so in such a way that our conduct witnesses to them and brings glory to God.

I see no caution from the standpoint of Biblical principle. But of course, you should exercise practical business caution when entering into agreements with anyone.

From what you describe, it is a matter of conscience for you to pray about and seek God’s will. If you find no biblical principle based on facts you have not disclosed in your question that would prohibit you from doing business with this couple, then follow your spirit led conscience to the best of your ability and trust that God will help you.

Sadly, Christians do not often enjoy a good reputation in the business world. Often Christians are guilty of thinking that other Christians should do work for them or heavily discount their services simply because both parties are Christians. Even worse, it is an ugly fact that Christians in general have a reputation for not keeping their word and paying their bills. Now I realize that is a broad stroke generalization, but it is supported with plenty of experience and confirmation from other business owners.

If you choose to do business with this couple, be sure to give them a fair price, do your best work, pay all of your vendors and contractors and conduct yourself in such a way as to witness to the unbelieving husband.