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I feel like God wants me to re-enlist in the Army so I can witness for Him there. Some Christians are telling me its wrong. Is it?


While there are religious groups that claim that any government service is wrong, and that taking life for any reason is wrong, they all have one problem: they lack clear Biblical support.

How do I know that? Because if there was clear Scripture for either, there wouldn’t be any debate.

So let me start first by saying that there is NO clear Scripture that I can present to you about whether serving in the military is right or wrong in all situations, and I believe that there are several reasons why God-ordained authority is justified in taking life, but that’s another issue for another time.

Of course, I might get accused of being biased since I am a veteran and ex-Drill Sergeant.

I would be curious what reasons your Christian friends are giving. I’m sorry they are telling you it’s wrong rather than presenting it as their opinion.

Is it wrong to re-enlist? Given the information you’ve given me, I can only say it would be wrong for the following reason: violating your conscience.

If you are praying and asking for God’s direction, and your spiritual life is reasonably healthy, I would say that you make the decision based on how your conscience leads you, and trust God.

As well, you might forego friends your age, and ask the counsel of a few mature Godly older Christians who have been around the block a couple of times. God will often use the advice of spiritually mature Christians to confirm His will in our lives.