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I have a childish question.There are many languages in this world and there are many christians all over the world speaking many different languages. What language will we speak in heaven? What language will the devil speak in hell?


That’s not a childish question at all. I have wondered and thought about it many times myself.

First, in eternity, it doesn’t matter what language the Devil speaks because he will be forever banished and lost in the Bottomless Pit (Rev 20.3) never to influence or communicate with a human again. It is poor teaching that has left Christians with the idea that Satan will be in charge and running Hell.

God is in charge of hell. But those humans who tragically find themselves in hell won’t be talking to God or Satan. They will be all alone, eternally tormented, in the dark (2Thess 1.8-9; Matt 24.51; Matt 8.12).

As for the language in heaven, the only accurate answer is that WE DON’T KNOW. God didn’t choose to tell us. Some options to consider:

  • We will all speak what we spoke during this life, but everyone will know, or supernaturally understand every language.
  • We will all speak our same language, but have opportunity for all eternity to learn all languages.
  • We will speak a heavenly language that we can’t know here on earth.
  • We will speak the original human language, Hebrew.

That’s all just fun speculation. We don’t know. But whatever it is, it will be perfect and wonderful for all eternity.