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I saw your short little messages on Twitter and Facebook. What’s that all about? I love your SeriousFaith stuff, should I sign up on one of those?


Twitter and Facebook are “social platforms” where people communicate and keep up with each other.

Facebook “status” message answer the question “Brent, what you doing right now?” Twitter “tweets” do the same thing.

People typical write stuff like “I’m watching a movie with my kids” or “we are driving to Grandma’s house”. No rules really, just “what are you up too..”

It’s a way for people to get little peeks into your everyday life. The “updates” and “tweets” are limited to a short number of characters, for Twitter it’s 140 characters per tweet.

You can “follow” someone on Twitter or Facebook and get their “tweets”.

I use Twitter and Facebook “tweets” to “mini-teach”. I send out questions, comments and thought provoking tidbits, all original, to those who follow me as a way of teaching in little spurts all day long.

You can find me on Facebook here: You become “friends” with someone on Facebook to get their status updates.

I prefer people follow me on which is quickly outgrowing Facebook as the platform of choice for this type of thing. Find me here:

You’ll see as you read down my page, that several times a day I “tweet” little mini-teachings. It is definitely a new and effective extension of what I’m doing on

I hope you’ll sign up on Twitter and follow me.