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I work for a company that is owned by an Indian that converted to Christianity. My Operations Manager, also an Indian, however is Moslem. He runs the operations according to the Muslim Faith. I am a senior Manager, & for me as a Christian, this creates problems. How do I handle this without offending him, or create problems for myself?


As Christians, we are not a part of the world but we most certainly live in the world.

If your employer were to require you to learn about his religion or to practice it in order to be employed there, then of course you would have to draw the line and refuse.

Otherwise, you have the perfect opportunity to open the door to sharing the Gospel with him. You would do well to learn the basic tenets of Islam, and how to address them from a Christian faith. You could ask him questions about his faith, and show interest in how he practices it.

Ask him how he can know that the Koran is truly a holy book, but make sure you are prepared to give him reason why the Bible is the only true inspired holy book.

Ask him how he can know for sure that Allah is really God; but make sure you are prepared to adequately explain to him how that you can know without a doubt that Jehovah God of the Bible is the one and only true God, and is not the same God as Allah.

Ask him how he can know for sure that Allah has forgiven his sins and will except him when he dies, but make sure that you are prepared to share the true Gospel with him starting with the Law to convict him of his sin and finishing with Christ who is the only answer to his sin.

Ask him why Mohammed is worthy of his worship, but Jesus the Christ is not as worthy; but make sure you are prepared to show him through prophetic and historical evidence that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is an undeniable fact.

Don’t see his religion as an obstacle, see it as an opportunity.