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If God exists, why does He allow evil to exist?


Since this question has been answered countless times, let me just give an answer with a little different angle.

God’s Holy character cannot abide evil in His presence. Every person has sinned (Rom 3.23), so every person is evil (before salvation). That is not arguable.

If God did not “allow evil” (mercy, patience) for a short time, giving us the opportunity to repent and be saved… then His only option would be to go ahead and destroy EVERY person and cast them into hell. And He would be right and just in doing so, because every person has sinned by their own choice.

So in a sense, God in His mercy, allows evil, for now, in order to give us an opportunity to turn to Him and repent.

(There are many other theological issues that have been written about over and over; this is just one particular aspect to consider).

Here are some Bible verses about God’s holiness:

1. Is incomparable. Exo 15:11; 1Sam 2:2.
2. Exhibited in his
a. Character. Psa 22:3; John 17:11.
b. Name. Isa 57:15; Luke 1:49.
c. Words. Psa 60:6; Jer 23:9.
d. Works. Psa 145:17.
e. Kingdom. Psa 47:8; Matt 13:41; Rev 21:27; 1Cor 6:9,10.
3. Is pledged for the fulfilment of
a. His promises. Psa 89:35.
b. His judgments. Amos 4:2.
4. Saints are commanded to imitate. Lev 11:44; 1Pet 1:15,16.
5. Saints should praise. Psa 30:4.
6. Should produce reverential fear. Rev 15:4.
7. Requires holy service. Jos 24:19; Psa 93:5.
8. Heavenly hosts adore. Isa 6:3; Rev 4:8.
9. Should be magnified. 1Chr 16:10; Psa 48:1; 99:3,5; Rev 15:4.
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