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If God forgives every one and provides every one a chance for Heaven, would God permit Satan into Heaven if Satan confessed all his sins and repented?


No. You are confusing human kind with angels. Jesus didn’t die to redeem fallen angels, but fallen man. The angels who rebelled, including Satan, will face their punishment with no escape.

As well, Satan already believes in Jesus, all the demons do. They have seen Jesus since the moment of their creation. They believe and tremble (James 2.19). Repentance and confession is irrelevant for them because they cannot be born again.

It is not our repentance and confession that makes us acceptable to God, but it is the resulting regenerated heart and recreated sinless spirit in us that allows us to be reconciled to God.

Satan and the demons are not recipients or candidates for the new birth.

Matt. 8:29; 25:41; Luke 8:28; 2 Pet. 2:4; Jude 6; Rev. 12:7–9