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I’m 22 years old and completely support myself. Alot of my friends are getting piercings and I want to as well but my parents say its wrong. Is it wrong?


On topics like this, parents are usually labeled “fuddy duddy” at the moment of impact, but years later the kids decide they actually knew what they were talking about.
Before I answer, I’ll go ahead and admit defeat. Everyone who wants a piercing is going to think my answer wrong. Every parent who didn’t have the nerve to tell their kids “no” will be convinced of my legalism and narrow mindedness. Liberal Christians will think I’m being judgmental. Conservative Christians will think I’m being wishy washy.
But that’s never stopped me from opening my big mouth!
Biblically, there are couple of Levitical verses that could be invoked as a prohibition but that’s a problem because we aren’t under Levitical law. For those of you who want to use those verses, make sure you’re following ALL the Levitical regulations and not just the ones that suit your lifestyle.
The New Testament principle of honoring and caring for your body because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit has some legitimacy. However, it can be argued that ear, bellybutton or nose piercings are hardly destroying your body (although it can be argued also that dozens of piercings in every imaginable spot is not defacing your body.
The argument against piercings comes more from a social and “send a message” point of view. We have to be honest about the social consequences and what message it states about you a person.
As I state the following opinion, I fully realize there are mobs of people who are going to howl and holler and tell me how wrong and judgmental I am. But I present these observations after years of dealing with people as a business owner, a Drill Sergeant and a Bible teacher.
Multiple piercings, and more extreme piercings, do send a message of rebellion but that is less and less true as piercings become more mainstream. As the popularity increases it simply shows an acceptance of the world’s practices without discernment.
More telling, piercing in world history seems to become more prevalent as a society moves away from God. It is a common phenomenon that the more superstitous and pagan a culture is, the more extreme piercing is a part of it. This would seem to be proven today as once-Christian nations embrace pagan practices.
As well, I can tell you from a general business sense how piercings are perceived by the responsible sector of society. They are not well received and typically you start out with a strike against you with business adults.
Is it wrong? Is it a sin? The physical act cannot be specifically condemned for Christians using Scripture but if the motivation is unGodly (rebellion, impurity) then it most certainly is sin. Beyond that, it’s more a social choice and you have to live with the consequences which definitely can be negative.
A Christian must also be discerning and even if the motivation for getting a piercing is not rebellious, you must consider the “message” you are presenting.
My advice is this: don’t do it if you’re a guy, especially if you aren’t 100% sure you want to live with how professionals (potential employers, more convservative folks) will stereotype you. More importantly, I think you can’t avoid the worldly message it sends out. Ladies, obviously earrings don’t fall into that category but the same principle applies about multiple or extreme piercing.
Okay folks, instead of writing me privately, let’s hear what you think so every can read it: