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In my Children’s physical Education and Guidance classes in Public School, they have been practicing calming techiniques such as thumb and finger massaging and also hmmmming as a Hindu would do. I am attending a meeting on this and would love to have any information to back up why I do not want my Christian children doing this. Also, what about other children who do not know any better?


Yes, you should be concerned. These are practices that are based in religious beliefs, no matter how much your school wants to characterize them as “physical fitness”.

What is so maddening about this is, that ANYTHING that even remotely smacks of being “Christian” is immediately shot down with the “separation of church and state” machine gun.

It has gotten to the point where NOTHING is off limits EXCEPT Christianity. You name it… Islam, witchcraft, new age, evolution, yoga, native religions… is all acceptable under the guise of “tolerance” and “education”. But not Christianity.

It is a blatant, evil double standard, and realistically, it is only going to get worse; much worse as we no doubt head into these last days.

Yoga, humming, chanting, “meditating”… are all ways to get children exposed to and desensitized to new age and eastern religious practices.

From one parent to another, about the only thing you can do is start complaining to the education officials and local politicians, start raising awareness, start trying to rally other parents. But in the end, it may be a choice to remove your kids from an increasingly antagonistic public school system. Or heavily educate your children about these issues, and give them permission to refuse to participate even if they fail the class.

That puts a heavy burden on your children, but at some point our children have to learn that “fitting in” isn’t the highest priority. Tough job, tough decisions, tough situation.

You are going to be characterized as a religious kook, and a trouble maker, so be prepared. You just have to lovingly stick to your guns, do what you can do, and in the end make a choice to let your kids stay in public school and refuse to participate; or find alternative education sources for them.

Again, let me say to you definitively…. make NO mistake, these practices ARE based in RELIGION… don’t let anyone tell you different. And be prepared to receive the “how stupid can you be!” treatment. These practices are doorways to the eastern and metaphysical religions. You should not be tolerant or accommodating in any way for your children’s sake. There is no such thing as “innocent” dabbling in false religion.

Here are some links that will help you understand these practices:

A careful search on the Internet will uncover countless good Christian resources that explain the “new age” religions.