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Is it okay for a born again Christian to be cremated? Some say it is from a pagan ritual; others say that it no longer is. Is it wrong?


Let me answer from two aspects, first the “pagan” issue, then the question of “is it okay?”

The “pagan ritual” argument comes into play with cremation, Christmas, Easter and other traditions. So the question is: does a pagan origin necessarily make a tradition or practice “wrong” from a Christian standpoint?

One argument is that we no longer recognize them as “pagan” but see them, and sincerely practice them as “Christian”. The other argument is that we are “deceived” and are furthering pagan ritual by mixing it into Christianity ala what Rome and Constantine did.

I believe that God is more concerned about our motives, our willingness to conform to Truth, and our efforts to follow our Holy Spirit led conscience to the utmost of our ability.

So if you believe that a practice or tradition is “pagan”, or that because of its pagan roots makes it dishonoring to God, then you should not do it. It’s an “eating meat sacrificed to idols” issue (read Romans 14:14-23).

Be consistent though. Don’t get on a pedestal about Easter being “pagan” while smirking at the person who says the same thing about Christmas.