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Is there any place in the Bible where God says that interacial relationships is a sin?



The Israelites were forbidden to marry outside their religion, and Christians should not be unequally married to non-Christians. Outside of that, there is no prohibition against marrying another “race”.

Race is an EVOLUTION-BASED concept anyway. Evolution teaches that the races are different types of people that “evolved”. That of course, is patent nonsense. Every human being contains the entire gene set for all human traits. When God separated the languages and people at the Tower of Babel, certain physical characteristics became accentuated in certain groups. Yellow skin, thick lips, blue eyes, red skin, almond eyes, black wiry hair… all nothing more than accentuated genetic traits.

Biologically, we are all the same. Culturally, it may not be the wisest choice to marry into other cultures; this is often true of even black/white marriages. The more disparate two cultures, the more stress it places on the marriage, and especially the children. But Biblically, NO, there is no prohibition against not marrying simply based on skin color.

Ignore the silly racist arguments about Ham being cursed, and Negros being inferior creation; that’s all white supremacist hogwash. All humans are created by God, in need of the same Savior (Jesus) and enslaved by the same sin nature until set free through Christ’s blood.