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Is there scripture in the bible that each race should not date or marry outside your own? Aren’t we all equal no matter who you want to be in love with? Isn’t love color blind? Please help.


The Israelites were commanded not to marry outside of God’s chosen people. It was not based on race (more on that in a minute) it was based on religious commandment. As Christians we are not to be “unequally yoked” (2Cor 6:14) but that has nothing to do with skin color. It has to do with Christians marrying non-Christians.

“Race” is a concept that comes from evolutionary thinking. Evolution teaches that man evolved to different degrees of humanity and that some skin colors and peoples are inferior to others. Of course this is complete and utter nonsense, a lie straight from the depths of hell itself. There is no such thing as “race”. The differences in human beings are simply the degrees to which various genetic traits are emphasized or deemphasized. Skin color, facial structure, types of hair and things of that nature are nothing more than different constructions of genetics.

The reason why we have this question today of race, skin color and marrying a “different kind” is because society as a whole, including Christians, have been brainwashed in the theories of evolution. They accept them without question or at least without understanding.

Given that things like skin color are simply genetic differences makes the question of whether or not a black could marry a white, or an Indian could marry an Asian, irrelevant with regards to physiology. Of course we are all equal, and while the phrase has been completely overused and its meaning watered down, Godly love is indeed colorblind.

That doesn’t mean it’s a clear-cut issue though. First of all as a Christian you absolutely should not consider marrying someone who is not a genuine, committed Christian. That leaves us with the questions that have to do with social and cultural difficulties.

The fact is different groups of people (skin color or location or language) have developed different cultures and some of the specifics of given culture can be difficult to mix. There is also the question of whether or not a couple wants to endure the ridicule they may receive for being of two different skin colors or cultures. Even more, a couple should seriously consider whether or not they want their children to have to endure the inevitable tormenting and insulting from foolish and ignorant people.

Two of my children are orphans from Guatemala. While the overwhelming majority of people are kind (and sometimes overly kind to show that they approve of our “mixed” family) we have definitely seen the stares and witnessed the mumbles of “we don’t need any more Mexicans in this country”. These types of comments just go to prove that there are difficulties and considerations that must be evaluated and decided on before creating a family of mixed skin color and nationality.

As our two Latino babies grow, we will have to teach them the reality of what our culture is, molded by the “fact” of evolution. Rather than a society of loving, God-fearing people where all are truly “created equal”, the evolutionary worldview has created an entire generation who believe, if not passively promote, the idea that some people of certain skin colors have a greater inherent value to God than others.

This is of course one of the great abominations of our time. In summary, this is not a Biblical issue for you to consider but it is a social and cultural consideration.

READERS: Help me think of some of the social and culture considerations for a “mixed” skin color or culture marriage. What are some of the spiritual challenges? Put your thoughts on the message boards for others to read. Go here