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I’ve been hearing the word “Christology” alot lately. What does it mean and how does it apply to my Christian life?


Christology is what person believes about Jesus Christ. It comes from two words, “Christos” meaning “annointed one” and “logos” mean “word”; so it is the words written about the annointed one, Jesus.

More simply put, it is a set of beliefs about Jesus. And of course this makes it the MOST important part of your Christianity along with your beliefs about God.

Christology is what divides cults and false religion from true Christianity. There are non-negotiable truths about Christ, anyone of which if left out or corrupted, would constitute belief in “another Christ” and would not result in salvation. Examples would be:

  • Christ was the eternal Son of God
  • Christ was fully God and fully man
  • Christ was born of a virgin
  • There is no other name under heaven by which salvation is possible
  • Christ died a phyiscal death and rose from the dead three days later, conquering death

This is not a comprehensive list but represents some major points of orthodox “Christology”. You can have ANY kind of Christology you want, but there is only one correct one as put forth in God’s Word.

Some incorrect “Christology” to be wary of today is:

  • Christ wasn’t really a physical being, but only a spirit
  • Christ lost His divinity on the cross and went to hell and was ‘born again’ there after getting beat up for three days by Satan
  • Christ was just another prophet, among many other prophets
  • Christ was a man who ascended to godhood
  • Christ was the half brother of Satan who achieved a god status
  • Christ was not God, but a separate person totally

Don’t let the fancy sounding word scare you off. Christology is very, very important in so much as it represents what you believe about Christ.