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My question is this, why is the United States of America not mentioned anywhere in the Bible? Or am I just overlooking it? It seems as though we should be found somewhere in the Bible since we play such a huge part in the world and because of our defense for Israel.


There are prophecy teachers who say that the United States IS mentioned in the Bible, but those references are subjective at best, and guesses at worst.

Yes, we have defended Israel, and unless you believe that the “church replaced Israel”, then you are correct to imply that God has used and blessed the United States greatly because of her support of Israel.

If you believe God is through with Israel, then you are left to explain away a mountain of unfulfilled and specific prophesy concerning them, not to mention the absolute MIRACLE that this tiny, unimportant, rag-tag group has survived and flourished despite dispersion, oppression, discrimination and genocide for thousands of years. THAT FACT ALONE DEFIES ALL ODDS OF CHANCE. God has preserved them for a reason.

(and I don’t come by that position easily; I was raised, taught and believed for decades that God was finished with Israel and that all the prophecies concerning them now apply to the “symbolic Israel” [the church]).

There are no direct or plain references to the United States in Scripture. If there were, I’m afraid that we stand a better chance of being mentioned in the same manner as Sodom and Gomorrah than anything else.

In an indirect way, the United States would be grouped with the “whole world” that comes against Israel at the battle of Armeggedon; so our current support for them evidently will falter in the end (signs of which are already appearing).