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People make fun of me for my faith, and ask me how I can believe in an old, outdated book that is full of errors and lacks credibility. How do I answer them?


Don’t answer them (as a general rule). I didn’t say “don’t respond” but I will tell you that specific question for scoffers is rarely useful.

They are blind and the Truth is irrelevant. It’s a distraction… a straw man to keep them from facing God about the real issue: sin. Use the Law (ten commandments) to show them they are sinners; if they become convicted, then show them the solution to sin.

Otherwise, it’s all foolish argument with spiritually blind people. You might leave them with one simple challenge if they persist: “prove to me one single thing about Scripture that is not credible, and I’ll buy you lunch. Why? Because you can’t find it. That’s just something you heard, and are repeating.” That might open some doors for real spiritual conversation, but in my opinion and experience, most people just want to argue silly points that allow them to avoid the real issues.

Don’t cast your pearls before the swine. Everyone wants to go on and on about angels on pinheads, hypocrite Christians, and “other religions”. Those folks are not truly interested in finding truth, they are interested in not having to face THE TRUTH.

Your only responsibility is to cast seed, water, and cultivate. Once you’ve done that, move on. God takes care of the growth.

Now, I will close with this caveat, I HAVE known, on occassion, those who have sincerely asked the “Bible authenticity” question, and truly wanted to know. You can usually identify these sincere seekers pretty easily. In those cases, you should answer them with the point of leading them towards the message of the Gospel.