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We teach a college age Bible Study. One of the girls asked this: If a girl leads a friend to Christ, and the new Christian wants to be baptized, could the girl be the one to baptize her friend? I think I know how I am going to answer her, but I would love to pick your brain for any Biblical insight you have. Thanks.


There is absolutely no prohibition in the Bible about any believer baptizing a new convert.

While I have heard much teaching and even been told directly that only those in “authority” can do things like baptize or preach, this is simply man’s traditions creeping into New Testament Christianity.

The whole idea of there being a separate class of “lay” Christians and a higher class of “clergy” Christians is completely foreign to Scripture. The leadership positions in Scripture of men like the apostles and pastors, are the pictures of service and humility. Their authority comes from the holiness of their life and their willingness to serve God and follow him at all costs. The idea of hierarchy and authority in the Believers fellowship is a man centered idea, not God’s.

Whether communion, baptist or any other Christian service, there is no “special class” designated to participate in any aspect of the Christian worship and life. Yes, there are some roles designated to only male or female, but that is an assignment, not a special class of “clergy”.