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What are the foundational questions and issues that a Christian should know when they are trying to show someone that Christianity really is THE TRUTH?


First, when it comes to salvation itself, a person can discover and believe the EVIDENCE but choose NOT to submit to it. So even if a person has the right answers to the right questions, and believes it, they may not be saved.

However, I do know for a FACT that the major questions that are the foundation of TRUTH can be answered irrefutably and plainly.

Logically, a person can discover God by the sheer weight of the evidence. In logical succession, I think the questions are:

  1. Is there a real, personal, Creator God?
  2. If yes, can He be known? Has He revealed Himself to us?
  3. If yes, has He communicated with us in any absolute manner?
  4. If yes, how can we know which “holy book” or religious ideas if any, are really the ones He gave us?
  5. If the Bible really is God’s “book”, can we know this book is uncorrupted and true to the message this Creator wants us to know?
  6. If yes, what then should we do? What does He require of us? What does He offer? What does He want?

Each of those questions are answerable with undeniable evidence. Any honest human can know with certainty the answers to these questions, and still decide not to submit to that Truth.

It’s important to understand too that the EVIDENCE that supports the answer to these questions also answers beyond doubt “is there more than one way?” Perhaps that is why these questions are avoided.

No “religion” but Christianity can answer all those questions beyond any reasonable doubt and without authentic competitors. That’s why Christianity stands unique among the world’s religions, holding itself out to be the ONE and ONLY way to salvation. That’s why Christians are hated, mocked and ridiculed by a world who wants all “truth” to be equally true. An absurd notion for anything BUT religion (according to the world).

Can you answer those six questions privately for yourself? Publicly?

What questions do you have about those questions?