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What are your views on people who claim to heal other people? For instance Benny Hinn, I mean, come on! It is obvious they are fake. But what is your view?


Last year during the height of the Todd Bentley fad, I wrote a post on him that I took waves and waves of grief and criticism for. By the way, after his inevitable fall which any discerning mature Christian could have foreseen, I didn’t receive ONE note saying “I guess you were right.”

I’ve written many times on this issue of faith healers and divine healing. Here are a few samples:

As for those like Benny Hinn, since you mentioned him, I find his “healing” to be a deceptive false teaching, a “show” but it is not the REALLY DANGEROUS part of what is taught. To find out what he (and those like him) teach that is simply NON-CHRISTIAN, read here: