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What do you recommend for the wife of a man called by God to be a preacher who feels like she is not ready to be a preachers wife? I was not raised Christian, and was new in my walk when I was thrown into a new church, and left little opportunity to learn. I was just getting involved and LOVED going to church, and for the past 3 years, since we moved, all I have done is be in the nursery w/ my own children. I teach some, but I long to be taught and worship in church again.


You shouldn’t be forced by others expectations or tradition into doing things God has not gifted you for.

If you are a young Christian, or still not a very mature Christian (spiritually speaking), then you should be careful about who and when, or if, you teach. God holds teachers completely responsible for what they teach. (James 3:1)

A preacher’s wife is just a wife. Institutional “church” may try to force you into roles and duties but your husband should protect you from that. The Bible makes no special demands on the “preacher’s wife”, only those that are common to all Christian women.

If a church is pressuring you to speak, teach, counsel, lead or otherwise fulfill needs that do not fit the gifts and maturity you currently have, your husband’s duty is to step in on your behalf and be a husband first, and preacher second.