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Where did Cain’s wife come from?


This question is usually presented as “evidence” of either “Bible errors” or evolution. I’ll answer the obvious and let you dig deeper if you want on a site like or

First of all the Bible is true, and there is overwhelming, undeniable evidence to substantiate that fact.

Based on that premise the following can be concluded:

  • Cain’s wife was a descendant of Adam and Eve
  • She may have been part of any number of subsequent generations since the life spans were so long
  • There was no prohibition at that time against inter-family marriage
  • There was no issue of genetic defects because it was so early in the human gene pool
  • She may have been a sister and niece

We have no idea how many children Adam and Eve had or how many there were before the Cain and Abel murder occurred. Given the length of life, genetic health, favorable environmental conditions there were quite probably a fairly sizable group of people on the earthy during the original humans lifetimes.

This is also the answer to where the people in other cities, or the people who would kill Cain came from.

We should not let evolutionary or anti-Biblical presupposition cloud our critical thinking when it comes to these issues. Too often we allow the bias of “science”, skepticism and political correctness to keep us from realling thinking logically about these types of issues.