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Why do we have to give an account to God when we die? Doesn’t He already know everything about us even before we are born?


We can only speculate about the “why” because the Bible simply doesn’t say. Unless you say the “why” is because because “God said so”.

“Because I said so” was good enough for my Dad, so I assume its good enough for God too. 🙂

Since God already knows everything and nothing can improve Him, or make Him more complete, then “giving an account” MUST be for our benefit. It MUST be… it’s the only option.

Since we will eternally learn in heaven, I would guess that our accounting will help us worship and bless others even more by the lessons we will learn from that accountability.

I’m probably not even close, but I rest in the peace of knowing that if God requires it, it will be for our best, and it will be for His glory.

Readers, what do you think? Send me your thoughts and I may add them to the end of this answer.

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From Ken and Helen Poland:

Perhaps it’s because God knows our nature. If we know we will be asked to account for our whereabouts and activities, we are a little more conscious of what we are doing. We are also a little more likely to check with those to whom we are accountable to see what they expect. With God that means reading the Bible, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians (we are known by the company we keep).

If a child is held accountable for their actions, they are a little more apt not to do something they have to try hiding from their parent. The secret here is consistency in requiring accountability. And, rest assured, God is consistent!

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From Favi Podbereski:

I would imagine that giving an account mainly keeps us constantly aware presently of our own thoughts and actions, and if they are in one accord with our Lord. It’s an exercise of conscience and self-examination. It’s not that God doesn’t know about us, but that we are apt to whistle down the road being somewhat oblivious to the justice we give others.

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From Brent:

Well, evidently I overlooked a pretty obvious point because I wasn’t thinking about THIS life. Of course, knowing that we will have to give an accounting helps us to be more careful about what we do now. Duh! I always knew I wasn’t too bright… now I have proof!

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