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To my readers:

I am starting a new feature on the Devotional called “Serious Answers“. The regular devotional will still be there. This will be an addition.

Many people write and ask questions each week. They cover a wide variety of topics and interests.

So I am providing a way for those questions to be submitted, and the answers will be published, a few at a time, in the Devotionals each day (they will also be available on my website and message boards;

I thought I would jumpstart the process today by simply asking you if you have any questions you want to submit. It can be about anything relating to Christianity….

  • the meaning of a certain Scripture
  • a question about a doctrine
  • an inquiry about Christian behavior
  • advice on how to respond to a situation from a Godly perspective
  • questions about Christian business ethics and practice

… just about anything you like (family, marriage, work, church, the Bible, etc.).

The Devotional is focused on daily Christian living… the “Serious Answers” is fair game for just about any question within reason.

I will do my best to answer them with supporting Scripture, and when possible, give you an answer from God’s Word, not just “Brent’s opinion”.

Click here to submit a question:

Have a great weekend! See you Monday….

Blessings, Brent