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God blesses His children in so many ways…

Great God of Blessing,

You are the Author of everything I enjoy, everything I hope for.
You have taught me that nothing can penetrate my sin heart,
Not the evils of this world; not my past failures;
Not the rebukes of my friends;
But only Your grace can pierce my sinful heart if You are faithful to give it.

You have revealed to me that holiness in my spirit is far superior to health in my body, though a healthy body does profits a little.
Often my greatest spiritual blessings come when my physical well-being is the lowest.

You have put music in my heart and mouth to remind me of Your grace;
Prepare me to sing that new song about Jesus before Your throne along with the Elect and the might Angels.

I praise you for soothing my hurts with just the right amount of joy;
Too many hurts could weigh me down;
A life without hurts could tempt me not to lean to You for care.
Only the all-wise God would know to give me a taste of both.

I love You O God…

For blessing me in times of spiritual dryness;
For giving me drink in times of spiritual thirst;
For letting me taste of Your goodness.

Apart from You I would quickly shrivel up and die;
Apart from You my soul would starve to death;
Apart from You I would shrink, weak and weary.

But You are all I need, O Great God
Let me never stop standing on Your promise that You will never leave me, nor forsake me.

Contemplation: Are you blessed by God? Or does self-focus blind you to them?

Application: No matter how “bad” our life might be, it is but a light and insignificant thing when compared to all that God has truly blessed us with. If you have a hard time understanding what that means, then find yourself a truly joyful and grateful mature Christian and ask them..