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Folks, listen up. I’m not known for sugar coating things, so I won’t start now.

Whatever you do NOT discipline yourself to do routinely, even daily, will never get done, and you will never improve, or be good at. PERIOD.

No shortcuts, no tricks, no gimmicks. Stop looking for the next book or guru, or the secret. It doesn’t exist. You’ll only waste more time and money.

You must practice the daily discipline of being a DO-ER of those things you want to be good at or change. You must be able to identify, measure and explain what those things are in order to discipline yourself to do it.

You can’t wake up every day… you have to choose to live everyday. If you cannot tell me where your time went, and how it was spent yesterday, specifically, I can tell you: it was wasted.

A life of disciplined action is a life well spent. A life lived with no plan, no purpose and no action is a life, just a wasted one.