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Psalm 14:1 The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.

We’ll finish up the series this week with five more common evidences for God’s existence, and some final closing thoughts.

6 The Biological Argument.

  • Life itself is powerful evidence for God. One of the most proven, and easily proven facts in the universe is that life can only come from life. This is an unquestioned given until you start to question the ORIGIN of life. Then men suddenly lose their minds and pretend that life came from NOTHING by CHANCE.
  • How could something come from nothing? How could a rock come from nothing? How much more absurd is it to think that almost infinitely complex life came from nothing?
  • The atheist, evolutionist and humanist have NO explanation for the origin of life and ignore the only reasonable conclusion: God created life.

7 The Historical Argument

  • Providential events as recorded by man throughout history show that God has been involved in human affairs from day one. The miraculous prediction and fulfillment of Israel is obvious evidence.
  • The Bible predicts that this small, unimportant, strategically insignificant, not particularly nice piece of land in the Middle East would dominate world events. Guess what? It does.
  • Great societies and world empires have come and gone with not so much as a trace of them left today. But Israel remains after thousands of years. Why? Because God said it would.
  • Early American history is filled with the stories of God’s providential care and orchestration. America WAS at one time the greatest exporter of Christianity in the world and it was the machinations of God that brought it to fruition.
  • Predictably, once America has turned its back on God, our country is in rapid decline. Just like God tells us in the Bible; evidence that God exists.

8 The Christological Argument

  • Why would a carpenter’s son from a dusty village in an insignificant country 2000 years ago make the biggest impact on the world in all recorded history?
  • Jesus of Nazareth, by human standards was a nobody. He was poor, unpopular, seen as a fanatic and trouble maker; and ultimately died a miserable, torturous, bloody death at the hands of his own people.
  • Why would such a man then become the most well known and influential person in all the world’s history?
  • Why not Alexander the Great? Or Nero? Or Hitler? Or Henry Ford? Or Howard Hughes? Or Stalin? Or Ghandi?
  • The world has produced thousands of people who SHOULD have become more influential than this lowly nobody from Israel.
  • But history shows Jesus Christ as a man who changed the world, changed societies, changed lives and changed hearts of men and women everywhere who hear His name and believe His teaching. Everywhere that He is embraced brings wholesomeness, goodness, transformed lives from misery to happiness; transformed societies from cruel to compassionate.
  • History shows Jesus, the Son of God fulfilling everything that God said would happen in the Bible… powerful evidence of God’s existence.

9 The Bibliological Argument

  • The Bible… written by over 30 authors in 3 languages over 1600 years yet showing perfect unity in message and theme. The Bible alone contains hundreds of prophecies predicting future events that were fulfilled to the last letter.
  • The Bible is the most criticized, critiqued and maligned Book in the world, yet not one error scientifically, historically, legally or prophetically can be demonstrated.
  • The Bible shows supernatural staying power being the most influential piece of literature in the history of man. It has been printed in hundreds of languages in hundreds of millions of copies.
  • To date there are over 5300 original manuscripts of the Bible. There is a 99% complete purity of agreement in the different manuscripts and NOT ONE single instance of disagreement in the texts concerns any matter of belief or doctrine.
  • This sets the Bible far ahead of ANY other piece of literature in the world in terms of supporting evidence, accuracy and harmony. The Koran, Plato, Confucius, nor any other piece of historical literature even comes close.
  • The power, influence, accuracy and prophetic content of the Bible is evidence that God exists.

10 The Argument from Congruity

  • All of the evidence and arguments are in complete agreement with one conclusion: God exists. Atheism offers no answers. Evolution, humanism, universalism and every other religion in the world offers no answers to great questions of life. Only God and His Bible offers reasonable answers and all of the evidence points to a Creator, a Designer and a transcendent God as its originator.

The evidence is overwhelming. To an objective observer there is only one conclusion. Consider a few more quick points:

  • The Bible agrees and gives the answer to scientific knowledge that says:
    • The universe had to begin at certain point in time
    • Something had to have been the cause of the universe’s creation, something can’t come from nothing
    • Many laws of physics and nature were recorded in the Bible thousands of years before science discovered them.
    • Life is only possible because of an enormous number of requirements that are perfectly in balance. For this to occur by chance is statistically IMPOSSIBLE.
    • Even assuming the existence of “matter” (without addressing where the matter came from!) it is statistically IMPOSSIBLE for the simplest of life to arise by a random chance mixing of that matter.
    • Even assuming simple life did IMPOSSIBLY form by chance from that matter (which came from nowhere), it is statistically IMPOSSIBLE for complex life forms (plants & animals) to evolve by chance and time.
    • Even assuming complex life did IMPOSSIBLY form by chance from simple life forms that IMPOSSIBLY formed from matter (which came from nowhere), it is INFINITELY more IMPOSSIBLE that human intelligence evolved by time and chance.

Yet most people would rather believe this is what happened
instead of answering to the God that created them.

  • If God did not exist and the Bible were a fairy tale then:
    • Why did 12 men fabricate and propogate the lies about Jesus Christ at the cost of their lives, health and families?
    • Why did not ONE of those 12, or any of the thousands of the early followers come forward to expose the hoax?
    • How did all of the writers of the Bible who lived in different times and locations all come up with, and fabricate a perfectly harmonious set of lies?
    • Why did those writers allow their personal failures and shortcomings to be apart of the fabrication?
    • How could a book of lies and fairy tales change the lives of millions of people and societies all throughout history?
    • How could millions of people from all walks of life, intelligence and status be fooled by such an obvious fabrication?

After five days of giving evidence, we have BARELY scratched the surface. But it is more than enough to “prove” God’s existence. The alternative is illogical, absurd, statistically impossible and leaves man with no answers, no hope, and no reason for living.

In closing, let me remind you of the reason for this study. You cannot force someone to believe in God. All the human powers of reasoning and persuasion will have no effect on the person who wants to live their life apart from answering to anyone other than themselves. I want these lessons to help strengthen YOUR resolve, belief, commitment and faith in the God who created you. That will in turn help you to better communicate the reason for your faith to others.

“In the beginning God…” (Gen.1:1)

Lord, help us to be well-trained defenders of Truth. Give us wisdom and understanding to know the reason for the hope we have in You and be able to communicate it to others. May we stand firm on the overwhelming evidence You have provided for us to believe in You and Your Son. Amen.

James 1:22 – But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. (NKJV)

  1. What is the most obvious Bible truth you have learned today?
  2. What change in your life needs to be made concerning this truth?
  3. What specific thing will you do today to begin that change?