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Maker and Sustainer of all things:

Day and night are Yours; heaven and earth declare Your Glory.

I am a creature made through Your power and riches,

but I have sinned against you by resisting the conviction of my conscience;

ignoring the demands of your law and the call of Your Gospel;

but I am fortunate to live in the era of grace and mercy.

Deliver me from worldly tendencies, for I am born of God and destined for Glory. Fix my gaze and desire on Holiness as the source of beauty and dignity for my soul.

Let me be always on guard and never lose my assurance or fail to put on my spiritual armor when living in this evil world.

Make me ready for every situation and circumstance.

Fix my mind on You and turn my trials into blessings so that I may respond in gratitude and praise when you reveal the purpose and result of suffering in my life.

Make it a joy and pleasure to obey Your Holy Will.

Let all my beliefs by guided by Your clear and consistent Truth.

Don’t let me ever neglect part of Your Will, or think that part of it is not as valuable as others.

May I keep in mind all the doctrines of God and the Gospel loving both its commands and its promises.

Make me holy in every relationship, every position and every act of my life so that if I am successful I will not be overly exalted, or if I suffer I will not be overly sorrowful.

Give me Godly wisdom in all that happens to me and give me strength to have an attitude that renders every thing I must do a Godly privilege.

Let me be content to glorify You and be a Godly example to others.