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A honest prayer for forgiveness

Merciful God,

Forgive me for all my sins today, this week and every day.

Forgive me of sins that I know about, and sins that I have forgotten or become desensitized to.

Forgive me for sins that were a result of what I did; and forgive me for sins that were a result of what I should have done, but didn’t.

Forgive me for moodiness, being easily annoyed and often angered; forgive me for my loose tongue and worldly behavior.

Forgive me for my hard heart, lack of faith, unbelief and pride; forgive me for even thinking that I am not guilty of those things.

Forgive me for not being bold in proclaiming the Gospel to lost souls; forgive me for being silent when Your Name should have been spoken.

Forgive me for being deceitful, unfair and dishonest; forgive me for deceiving myself into thinking I am never guilty of those things.

Forgive me for impure thoughts, jealousy and envy; forgive me for squandering your material blessings on my own personal pleasure to the neglect of investing in your Kingdom.

Forgive me for not hungering deeply and consistently for Your Word and for prayer.

Forgive me for offering cold prayers out of obligation.

Forgive me for wasting time that could have been used to your Glory; forgive me for giving in to temptations and for quenching the Holy Spirit by ignoring His presence and conviction.

Forgive me for violating my conscience through neglect or willful choice; forgive me for failing to love at all times and doing everything possible to be at peace with all men.

Forgive me, Lord, for all my sins both know and unknown, understood and mysterious, felt and unfelt, confessed and not confessed, remembered for forgotten.

Oh Lord, I rest on your promise that you are faithful and just to forgive when we repent and confess.

In Jesus name,