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Great God of Grace,

As I wake up and face the world today,

my weakness threatens to keep me fearful and I look to You for strength.

I try to face the world by myself, I know that I am destined to stumble

But through Christ who strengthens me I am steadfast like the mountains.

If I trust my own heart there is no doubt that I will end up doing something shameful,

So I will look to be guided, illumined and empowered by the Holy Spirit

And by doing so will bring glory to You.

O God I ask that today You will be the hand that guides,

My strength to stand; the light the illumines my path;

My feet that I may go where you lead;

My shield to protect me; My sword to defend me;

And I pray that You will be my sun to warm my life.

Lord, to bless me will not lessen You in any way because You are infinite. All of Your fullness is embodied in Jesus Christ the Son and I trust in the One who died for my salvation.

I trust in His blood to pay all the debts of wrong I am guilty of.

I ask you O God to accept Christ’s righteousness for my unrighteousness;

His perfection for my shortcomings; His purity for my uncleanness;

His faithfulness for my inconsistency; His truthfulness for my deceit;

His humility for my pride; His love for my hatefulness;

His completeness for my weakness; His obedience for my rebellion;

His glory for my shame; His devotion for my hypocrisy;

His holy life for my wickedness; His worthiness for my worthlessness;

His death for my life.

In Jesus Name, Amen.