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A honest prayer of thankfulness for Jesus

Omniscient God,

You truly know my heart,

You know my motives and my character,

You see more uncleanness in my supposed goodness than I have ever seen in the worst of my sins.

Compared to you, nothing is holy,

Not the heavens, not the angels;

And especially not me.

Compared to You, I am so sinful that I want to run away from myself.

And yet, You don’t hate me.

Instead, You have offered a way for me to return to You,

Through Jesus Your Son, who died for me.

Your glory is displayed through the way of
escape You have provided through Jesus.

In whom mercy and truth come together

And goodness and peace are one.

In Jesus those enslaved to death find salvation;

The guilty are pardoned,

The sinful are made new and clean.

In Jesus there is everlasting strength for the weak and weary;

Boundless riches for the poor and destitute;

Endless wisdom and knowledge for the simple man;

And complete satisfaction for the empty, lonely heart.

At the sound of Your loving voice I come to receive the grace You freely offer;

I not only submit to You, I embrace You;

I not only glory in what the cross means to me, but in the One who died on it.

I not have joy in being forgiven but in the One through whom forgiveness is found.

Your promises are as trustworthy as they are wonderful;

You care for me, protect me and provide for me;

And by You I will stand secure and grow strong.

Lord God, life would have no rest, no peace and joy if it were not for Jesus dying for my sin.

May I live each moment of today thanking Him for what He has done.

In His name we pray,