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The most common question I’ve heard about my site is why three areas of life? Why not just stick with ‘how to make money’ and concentrate on the income? Or why venture into other areas besides your religious site []?


There are lots of how to make money sites out there, lots of success and spiritual gurus… many are gimmicks, some are get rich quick schemes, and most focus only on one aspect of life to the neglect of others.


It takes a minimum of three strong legs to hold up the platform of life. It is the reality of our existence. Spirituality, Life Management & Financial Freedom – you need all three in life.


Financial Freedom


We live in world where finance in all forms turns the engine of society.  Finances are both a source of wonderful joy and freedom, and the cause of marriage-ruining and suicide inducing distress. We are a world drowned in debt, mad in the pursuit of a lifestyle rarely within our budget.  A never-satisfied mad marketing machine drives the wheels of consumerism at the price of common sense and happiness. Achieving financial freedom is paramount to a peaceful life. To ignore the necessity or effects of finances on our lives is to do so at your own peril. I teach that ridding your life of debt, embracing timeless and proven principles about money and using wealth to bless others makes money what it is suppose to be: a tool to help us live a fulfilled life.  For most folks, money is their slavemaster, primarily through debt and hyper-materialism.  Financial freedom (free from debt slavery, free to use monetary blessing to help others) equals freedom in life. 


Life Management


All the money in the world means nothing if you don’t know how to use it, when to use it and how to bless others with it. Balance, priorities and knowing what is truly important in life is key to having a truly happy and purpose-filled life.


Personal and Spiritual Fulfillment

When it all comes down to the final bottom line, if you are not personally and spiritually fulfilled, then nothing you do, nothing you have and nothing you achieve amounts to anything.  It is the single most important pursuit of the human existence: spiritual fulfillment.