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A honest prayer to live like a Christian


Author of the universe, source of all blessing,

I worship you for giving me the ability to know You;

For giving me the power to think
and know right from wrong;

For giving me a desire to love You.

I praise You for revealing Yourself to me through the Gospel of your Beloved Son,

For showing mercy on me when needed;

For giving me peace;

For your patience and kindness towards me;

For the great amount of love You show to me.

You have allowed me to understand how sinners can be forgiven;

How the unholy can be made clean;

And how the poor are made rich.

Let me always be part of those folks who not only hear You, but know You as well;

Who walk with You and have Joy;

Who trust Your Word and find life in It.

Keep me always wanting the new and fresh presence of the Holy Spirit;

The joy and comfort,

Grace and blessings,

And for help to understand my obligations
as a Christian as well as my privileges.

Teach me to love simplicity and Godly character.

Help me not to be a hypocrite, to be the same person whether in front of You, or men;

To be Godly before I claim to be Godly;

To put off the world before putting on God;

To set my hopes on things above;

To forsake worthless and immoral things;

To give out grace as well as accept it;

To bear hard times and enjoy good ones;

To do good even in the face of evil.

Lord God, cause me to walk worthy as Christian,

That the name of Jesus will be seen in me, and I in him;

And that all the glory will go to the One in Whose Blessed Name we pray,