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A prayer for things we never want

Most Merciful God,

May I never forsake learning Truth;

May I never get too comfortable or too involved with my doctrinal convictions that I fail to proclaim and advance the simple and plain Gospel message of eternal life;

May I never be complacent about sin or worldliness; or quit caring about living a serious, righteous and holy life.

May I never come to depend on my own wisdom, convictions or impulses; but instead lean on You for strength and direction.

May I never stop believing that Your Grace is sufficient in all areas of life; or forget to turn immediately to You whether in seasons of trouble or blessing.

May I never fail to gaze only at You both in times of comfort and times of disappointment.

May I never fail to serve and depend on the Friend that Never Fails, Who is full of Grace and Truth; Who has been tempted in all ways yet without sin; Who has compassion on my weakness and frailty; and Who can do exceedingly more than I can ask or imagine.

May I never be a part-time Christian or turn to God only as a last resort;

May I never limit my testimony and witness to “religious” occasions or extraordinary circumstances.

May I never fail to acknowledge You in all ways at all times; nor fail to obey You and fear You every minute of every day.

May I never hide a wicked heart with religious behavior; may holiness become my nature as well as my habit.

Lord, I pray for your help and blessing with this list of “nevers”. I pray that You will give me all the necessary grace and strength that is needed; may I find Your Grace in my worship, prayers, praise and Bible study.

And Lord, in the end, let me enter into Your house, not built by hands; that will endure for all eternity; where there is neither sun nor night; but the glory of God is its light.

And let me dwell in the House of the Lamb forever and ever.