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If you have any interest in Internet business, either now, or in the future, get your own blog or website. If you even THINK you might do something in the future, get a blog or a site NOW. It takes time to build traffic, get ranked on search engines and get used to the whole online thing.

If you’re nervous, that’s even more reason. Give yourself time to get good at being online. If you have no idea what you’ll blog about, or what blogging is, YOU’RE READING A BLOG RIGHT NOW. Website? Check out a couple of mine to see what sites are all about:

When you get brainlocked for something to post on your blog, you can link to one of my posts and write on your’s hey guys, I read this great post on Brent Riggs site. You can read it here:.

After here: put the PERMALINK to my article, for example:   

You can get the Permalink by clicking on Permalink in the right corner just above this article (or any article). If you post some great stuff on your site, let me know, and I may just put a plug for you on my blog.

DON’T KNOW HOW TO CREATE A BLOG OR WEBSITE? Well for less than dinner for two, I’ll show you how step-by-step:

No excuses. Get a blog or website going TODAY! You’ll thank me later.