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Jesus can fulfill what is missing…

Lord Jesus,

I am blind and need You to be my light.
I am ignorant, and I need You to be my wisdom.

I want to do things my own way, so I ask You to be my mind.
I pray that You open my ears so that I may always hear the spirit’s voice
and with gladness follow every where that He leads.

Lord, melt my heart so that no insensitivity remains
And make it sensitive to anything that is against You.

When sin approaches, let me run to Your arms where I will have no fear.

Oh good Shepherd and I pray that you will lead me into the green pastures of Your Word
and cause me to rest and drink from the rivers of its comfort.

Your Cross was raised to be my safety.
Your blood was shed to wash me clean.
Your death gives me assurance.
Your name is the name by which I am saved.

Through You all of heaven is poured into my heart.
But my heart is much too small to comprehend Your love.

I was a stranger in slavery and rebellion.
But Your Cross has brought me near,

It has softened my heart,
It is made me a child of God,
I have been adopted into the heavenly family,
And I am a joint heir with Christ.

Oh, if only there was a way that I could love You the same way that You love me.
May I walk worthy of Your love, that when people see me they will see Christ.

May I always see how beautiful You are
And feel the power of the Holy Spirit in my heart.

For unless the Spirit moves me
There will be no fire in my heart to serve You.