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Romans 6:18 And having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness. (NKJV)

The world teaches that personal freedom to do whatever you want (caveated with “as long as you aren’t hurting someone else) is the “holy grail” of human existence. This makes man “god” with each person doing whatever they want, and whatever they think is right in their own eyes.
This personal freedom is protected at all costs and creates a world of people who only seek after their own desires, their own pleasure and their own satisfaction (which never comes). Once again, the world’s way does not seem to be working very well if you look around at all the guilt-filled, miserable, unhappy, violent and wicked people.
Predictably, God reveals just the opposite way of life for us. Our Creator says that we are not “free” to do our own will, and seek our own way. Those who choose that path, in reality are not free at all, but are slaves to fleshly, cursed imperfection (sin). When we choose God’s way, we are still slaves but we are slaves to righteousness, goodness and a holy God who cares for us, and loves us with perfect love. God’s “slavery” sets us free from sin and selfishness, and looses us into the freedom of being “slaves to righteousness” (goodness, kindness, serving others).
Today, admit it or not, you’re a slave to one of two things – your own way (sin), or God’s way (goodness). Look around… it’s obvious what being a slave to your own self-will results in – evidenced by a world (your world?) of guilt, heartache and dissatisfaction.
Choose REAL freedom: choose to be a slave to God: righteousness, goodness and serving others. Now’s that’s living!
– Brent