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The New Year is upon us.

Do you have ANY real goals for this year? Written? Specific? Measurable? Attainable? Or are you just going to exist through another year of regrets and could have been’s?

I’m not talking about feel-good New Years Resolutions that won’t last the first two weeks. I’m talking real live goals, an overall vision of WHY you want to accomplish, and HOW.

A personal goal, a fitness goal, a financial goal, a spiritual goal….

I have a goal to do something nice for you this week… in the next couple of days I’m going to roll out a simple and easy to use GOALS application that will be FREE and work online. A lot of Goal Setting programs are complicated, full of shiny bells and whistles that make it tedious and time consuming to use.

What people really need is a simple, concise and straight forward FAST way to enter and track goals. I’m basing my system off a proven written form version that my friend Neal uses.

You love it. Look for it within the next few days.